Food Plating


One of the most appealing things about food plating is that it makes for great eye candy. Nothing is more beautiful than beautiful food. So beautiful that you don’t want to even eat it, maybe to take a picture of so that you can forever hold that image inside of your head. The color the sauce brought to the plate or the color or curls of a carrot or some other vegetable used to creat a thing go beauty

Then there’s the shape of the plate. Which could be either rectangular or have three corners that is called the leaf plate or some long plate made like a canoe or boat. All the things are used to make for a lovely piece of culinary art. And just as beautiful, these dishes can also be pricy, because they are time consuming and require the help of more than one person to create. Some of the reasons why certain restaurants choose to use food plating is for their presentation, visual stimulation, it looks expensive and modern. One can use anything from different oils and sauces that are made to give color and you can give your food height by layering it or stacking protein onto veggies or using food rings, molds, sprinkling seeds, powders,edible garnish to make an elaborate sculpture and arrangement.

Whatever you decide to do with your food presentation, just to remember using your plate as a clock and protein should be position at 6 o’clock, vegetables are at a 2 o’clock position and starches, sauces and garnishes are at a 11 o’clock .



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