The Best Thing I Ever Had


I would like to introduce to all y’all “The Red Velvet Cake”. I love it! We would always serve it at Christmas, but now it has become so popular that it is serve almost every week at Sunday dinner. I’ve been making it since high school.

It’s red, of course and if you love it darker you can add more cocoa powder. The thing is, that the buttermilk and the other ingredients are what makes, it has this unique favors that you just cannot live without, It has cocoa powder but is not a chocolate cake and let’s talk about the cream cheese frosting, which is buttercream, with vanilla and pecan pieces. It’s so good and the expression on the person face that’s trying it for the very first time is priceless, they just want more and more. A lot of the time I might not add the pecans for those of you who don’t like nuts, but either way “Scrumptious Deliumptios”.

Legend has it that the red velvet layer cake was served at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in the 1920’s, one of the guest, a woman who loved cake sent a note to the baker asking for the name and recipe of the cake. When the recipe arrived to the woman also it arrived with a large bill, furious the woman made copies of the recipe and would give it out to everyone.

The Red Velvet Cake also appeared in the 1989 movie “Steel Magnolias” and also it is said that boiled red beets were used before red food color came along. Even if it came from Canada or a Southern Tradition “It Is The Best Thing I Ever Had”.


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