Magnolia’s Smokehouse “Fire Up Your Soul”


Good morning everyone and thank you for all your beautiful response . You guys know just how much I really love, love southern cuisine, right? So I’ve decided to open a catering service, offering, what else. Bar b que ribs, chicken, we’re talking smoke ou, smoked house y’all , I’m loving it, so ” Fire Up Your Soul” with farm raised catfish, southern fried chicken wings, buffalo wings, brisket of beef, with soul sides, collard greens, candied yams, baked beans, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. Now for dessert, I shall offer you my kiddies, the infamous red velvet cake, peach cobbler, lemon pound cake, caramel pound cake, banana pudding and guess what other treat I have for you “child”? Praline candy, homemade with lots of pecans. I even have a holiday menu, where you can have, you may have, you shall have my dear your choice of a smoked out turkey, a deep fried turkey or traditional roasted turkey, yummy,
I am using recipes that has been in the family for more than a hundred years. And for all of you that I can’t serve in the Las Vegas area, please go to amazon and Barnes & noble . Com and grab a copy of my book “grandma’s hands southern cuisine” thank you so much. I want to eventually open the restaurant , “coming soon ” I am so excited because you guys know how much I enjoy cooking and I just want to be the best chef ever. I have been cooking since age 8, when I made my first white gravy.

My mom taught all seven of us to cook even the boys and you know we all graduated from fried chicken university, cornbread dressing and all. My mom was, may God rest her soul.she was a phenomenal woman.

So back to the backyard bar b ques I will be catering to and also I’m getting ready for the Super Bowl extravaganza baby, of course I’m catering to your parties, graduations and holiday people who just don’t feel like cooking for that day. I will be catering to you and all of your “drop off or pick up catering needs,” we’re small you guys for now.

Also, did I forget to mention. That I’m using family meat rubs and bar be que sauces. We’ll aim, hopefully I can get this sauce bottle up and put on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store, yum, yum, scrumptious Deliumptious.

This has been a long time dream of my and to have it realized, makes me so happy. Also my thanks go out to all of you for your support, you are my family,


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