Southern Hospitality :)


imageSouthern Hospitality is a quality attributed to residents of the southern region of the United States. The term implies that in comparison to people living in other parts of the United States, Southerns are typically friendlier, more welcoming and generous to strangers or guests.

Also we have what is called the “Friendship Tree” and when entered under the branches you are a friend forever. I am so proud to have been raised in the south, it’s just the most pleasant place ever. You are taught to extend that tree branch, treat strangers like family and have them dine at your table with family. They would always say” Its nice to be nice” and doesn’t it make you feel so much better when you do? It’s like Christmas, all year long, at the end of the day, you’ve shown an act of kindness, which most of us are accustom to. To treat someone to dinner, who maybe don’t have family to share with on the holidays so that they are not alone. I love it and will continue to share my southern hospitality. Thanks for listening, you guys know how much I love you!


Magnolia’s Smokehouse “Fire Up Your Soul”


Good morning everyone and thank you for all your beautiful response . You guys know just how much I really love, love southern cuisine, right? So I’ve decided to open a catering service, offering, what else. Bar b que ribs, chicken, we’re talking smoke ou, smoked house y’all , I’m loving it, so ” Fire Up Your Soul” with farm raised catfish, southern fried chicken wings, buffalo wings, brisket of beef, with soul sides, collard greens, candied yams, baked beans, potato salad and macaroni and cheese. Now for dessert, I shall offer you my kiddies, the infamous red velvet cake, peach cobbler, lemon pound cake, caramel pound cake, banana pudding and guess what other treat I have for you “child”? Praline candy, homemade with lots of pecans. I even have a holiday menu, where you can have, you may have, you shall have my dear your choice of a smoked out turkey, a deep fried turkey or traditional roasted turkey, yummy,
I am using recipes that has been in the family for more than a hundred years. And for all of you that I can’t serve in the Las Vegas area, please go to amazon and Barnes & noble . Com and grab a copy of my book “grandma’s hands southern cuisine” thank you so much. I want to eventually open the restaurant , “coming soon ” I am so excited because you guys know how much I enjoy cooking and I just want to be the best chef ever. I have been cooking since age 8, when I made my first white gravy.

My mom taught all seven of us to cook even the boys and you know we all graduated from fried chicken university, cornbread dressing and all. My mom was, may God rest her soul.she was a phenomenal woman.

So back to the backyard bar b ques I will be catering to and also I’m getting ready for the Super Bowl extravaganza baby, of course I’m catering to your parties, graduations and holiday people who just don’t feel like cooking for that day. I will be catering to you and all of your “drop off or pick up catering needs,” we’re small you guys for now.

Also, did I forget to mention. That I’m using family meat rubs and bar be que sauces. We’ll aim, hopefully I can get this sauce bottle up and put on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store, yum, yum, scrumptious Deliumptious.

This has been a long time dream of my and to have it realized, makes me so happy. Also my thanks go out to all of you for your support, you are my family,

Mississippi southern cuisine v. Louisiana southern cuisine


One of the things I miss most about the south is some of the greatest southern cuisIne. It could be Mississippi which has the greens, you have your yams , black eyed peas, Mac and cheese, yummy. And so on and so forth. Then there’s the Louisiana southern cuisine that consist of a lot of the same as Mississippi but, then Louisiana get into different seasonings and so enters the jambalaya , the gumbo , crawfish. Shrimp and grits and let’s not fail to mention other spicy dishes.

Don’t get me wrong they also serve up the best southern fried chicken with the best of us and the best of us but there’s nothing like a nice bowl of jambalaya!

The Best Thing I Ever Had


I would like to introduce to all y’all “The Red Velvet Cake”. I love it! We would always serve it at Christmas, but now it has become so popular that it is serve almost every week at Sunday dinner. I’ve been making it since high school.

It’s red, of course and if you love it darker you can add more cocoa powder. The thing is, that the buttermilk and the other ingredients are what makes, it has this unique favors that you just cannot live without, It has cocoa powder but is not a chocolate cake and let’s talk about the cream cheese frosting, which is buttercream, with vanilla and pecan pieces. It’s so good and the expression on the person face that’s trying it for the very first time is priceless, they just want more and more. A lot of the time I might not add the pecans for those of you who don’t like nuts, but either way “Scrumptious Deliumptios”.

Legend has it that the red velvet layer cake was served at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York in the 1920’s, one of the guest, a woman who loved cake sent a note to the baker asking for the name and recipe of the cake. When the recipe arrived to the woman also it arrived with a large bill, furious the woman made copies of the recipe and would give it out to everyone.

The Red Velvet Cake also appeared in the 1989 movie “Steel Magnolias” and also it is said that boiled red beets were used before red food color came along. Even if it came from Canada or a Southern Tradition “It Is The Best Thing I Ever Had”.

Food Plating


One of the most appealing things about food plating is that it makes for great eye candy. Nothing is more beautiful than beautiful food. So beautiful that you don’t want to even eat it, maybe to take a picture of so that you can forever hold that image inside of your head. The color the sauce brought to the plate or the color or curls of a carrot or some other vegetable used to creat a thing go beauty

Then there’s the shape of the plate. Which could be either rectangular or have three corners that is called the leaf plate or some long plate made like a canoe or boat. All the things are used to make for a lovely piece of culinary art. And just as beautiful, these dishes can also be pricy, because they are time consuming and require the help of more than one person to create. Some of the reasons why certain restaurants choose to use food plating is for their presentation, visual stimulation, it looks expensive and modern. One can use anything from different oils and sauces that are made to give color and you can give your food height by layering it or stacking protein onto veggies or using food rings, molds, sprinkling seeds, powders,edible garnish to make an elaborate sculpture and arrangement.

Whatever you decide to do with your food presentation, just to remember using your plate as a clock and protein should be position at 6 o’clock, vegetables are at a 2 o’clock position and starches, sauces and garnishes are at a 11 o’clock .